Annual Conference



Dear PAGL Community: 

Historically, the annual meeting, held in Spring in NYC, has been a place for students to share learning with fellow students in an atmosphere of PAGL.  For as long as I have been a student, these meetings have been facilitated by Ruth Robins.  After many years of outstanding service, Ruth has asked that we consider alternate formats.  

Here we have a wonderful opportunity to seek ideas for an annual meeting, including: subject matter, format and venue, and so we invite all students of Metapsychiatry to offer suggestions about what you would like to see in such a reunion.  PAGL will lead us to an efficient, effective and effortless path to what is needed, in this regard, but In the meantime, we are postponing plans for a Spring PAGL meeting until a new and wonderful idea presents itself.  

Please send any ideas that come to mind to  We look forward to your communication.  


PAGL be with you,


Robert Wieser, President The PAGL Foundation.  

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