Excerpts From

the works of Thomas Hora

Gratitude is the door to joy… Seriousness is a killjoy.

Tape # 7, Conference 1986

The Four Ws – A Meditation on our Identity

Who am I? I am an image and likeness of God, a manifestation of Love-Intelligence.

What am I? I am a divine consciousness.

Where am I? I live and move and have my being in omniactive divine Mind.

What is my purpose? My purpose is to be a beneficial presence in the world.

pg.31, Can Meditation Be Done?

A very helpful way to pray for ourselves is by meditating on the following statement:

“I am a place where God’s presence reveals itself as omniactive Love-Intelligence.”

pg. 89, Beyond the Dream

It is not difficult to be enlightened; it is only difficult to be interested in enlightenment.

pg. 33, Dialogues in Metapsychiatry

The principle of harmonious living is as follows:

Take no thought for what should be or what should not be. Seek ye first to know the harmony and joy of soul-existence, the good of God.

pg. 125, Dialogues in Metapsychiatry


Anger is an epiphenomenon of frustration. The meaning of anger can be found mainly in one single phrase – “I want.” Another source of anger is the habit of “should” thinking, namely, thinking in terms of what should be and what should not be. Habits of thoughts and words are our tormentors.

pg. 232, Beyond the Dream


When we are more interested in the truth than in being right, we are transcending ourselves.

pg. 1, Self-Transcendence


The moment we are willing to become nothing, we become part of that all-seeing, all-knowing presence, the divine Mind, and whatever is needed at that moment, appears.

pg. 155, Dialogues in Metapsychiatry


What is compassion? We define it as “understanding the lack of understanding.”

pg.1, Compassion


What is the secret of affluence?

Cheerful generosity.

The principle is this: Affluence is in proportion to effluence.

The more outflow, the more inflow.

pg. 39, Dialogues in Metapsychiatry


The Metapsychiatric definition of work is:

Useful activity in response to manifest needs.

pg. 1, Right Usefulness


When the presence of the truth, the awareness of the presence of God in human experience, breaks through in human consciousness, it results in unexpected blessings of harmony, peace, assurance, gratitude and love (PAGL).

pg. 30, Self-Transcendence


We seldom suffer from other people.

We suffer from what we want and what we don’t want.

pg. 1, Compassion


Our consciousness is an empty screen and it is either filled with garbage-and then we have the illusion that we are thinking – or we disengage our attention from the garbage and refocus our interest on God.

And what happens then?

The garbage disappears, as far as we are concerned, and intelligent ideas begin gently to engage our attention.

pg. 48, Dialogues in Metapsychiatry


Spiritual love, derived from Love-Intelligence, is nonconditional, nonpersonal benevolence. It is the love of being loving, with no strings attached, just for the sake of being what God wants us to be.

pg.13, What Does God Want?

Thought is fundamental to life. Essentially, thought is energy which has the tendency to transmute itself into phenomena. Invalid thoughts will transmute themselves into invalid phenomena, which means that invalid thoughts are harmful, while valid thoughts are health promoting. It is not a mystery that it is not a desirable condition of mind to entertain unloving thoughts. As we grow in the understanding of this basic principle of the transmutation of thought energy, we will become very careful about what we are thinking. We may develop a discipline of mind where we do not indulge ourselves anymore in negative and existentially invalid thought processes.

pg.22, Beyond The Dream

God’s grace is flooding the whole universe all the time, but there is not enough receptivity to it in human consciousness. Therefore the blessings are scarce.

pg.43, Beyond the Dream


Problems are psychological, but solutions are spiritual.

pg. 17, A Hierarchy of Values


The best way to define forgiveness is to give up blaming.

pg. 1, Forgiveness

When we pray, we are not trying to reach God with our prayers. What are we trying to achieve? We are trying to realize that we are emanating from God and therefore we are partaking in all the qualities of God…If a wave were praying, it wouldn’t try to reach the ocean; the wave would try to realize that it is inseparable from the ocean. That is a tremendous difference which helps us gain a more perfect understanding of the principle of God and man. We don’t really have a relationship to God or with God, we have an at-one-ment with God.

pg.11,13, Dialogues in Metapsychiatry


The aim of Metapsychiatry is to heal man of his afflictions by elevating his consciousness to the recognition of his identity as an image and likeness of God, a spiritual being capable of transcendence.

pg. 3, Beyond the Dream