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For newcomers to the site, the following information may be helpful.


There are two ways to search the documents on the site. One is to use the Concordance, which is listed under Written Works. It provides a search of all books written by Dr. Hora from “In Quest of Wholeness,” which was developed from material first created and/or published in the 1960s through “Encounters with Wisdom (EWW 1) Book 1” that appeared in 2005.  Those searches are based on single words and provide all references to the word selected in the books, booklets, and EWW1. To search on phrases, use the search tool indicated on the home page by the magnifying glass icon. It returns occurrences of the string of words requested that appear in all documents on the site in the style of other general search engines.

PAGL-View Study Aid

This category includes what was formerly called the PAGL Newsletter. Since 2015 the 2 or 3 times per year document has been exclusively producing excerpts from DR. Hora’s writings. Prior to that change in content, the newsletter archive, which extends back to the early 1980s, contains mostly student articles about how individuals came to understand and benefit from the ideas of Metapsychiatry as well as excerpts from seminars with Dr. Hora.